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Readers Favorite Annual Award Contest 2012

We are excited and delighted to announce that our book, CRUSHING THE DEVIL: Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare & Victory in Christ has won a Bronze Medal in the 2012 Readers Favorite Annual Award Contest in the category of Christian – Living!


What Pastors Are Saying About CRUSHING THE DEVIL: Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare & Victory in Christ

I love it when the cover of a book leaves you in no doubt as to its contents.  This book is truly ‘your guide to spiritual warfare and victory in Christ’.  Whichever way you want to emphasise the subtitle, it effectively describes the pages that follow.

Firstly, Pedro Okoro has succeeded in writing ‘your guide’.  Every reader will have the sense of being taken on a personal journey.  At each step the writer’s disarming graciousness adds unexpected weight to his exhortations to rise and fight.

Secondly, this book is truly a guide.  Pedro Okoro maps out the ground with care and precision.  Whenever he moves onto controversial territory, and he is not afraid of treading in areas where I might be cautious to go, he never forces his opinions but shares frankly how he sees things and leaves us room to draw our own conclusions.

Thirdly, the spiritual warfare focus is never lost from view.  This is not a book on spiritual diplomacy; it is about a fight, albeit a fight that utilises the court room insights of a lawyer as well as the battle-field strategies of a warrior.  Those of us who know the writer may admire his gentlemanly diplomacy in day-to-day pleasantries but there is clearly another side that comes with his spiritual maturity – he is a warrior whose tactics extend beyond trench-warfare.

Fourthly, and supremely, this book is about victory in Christ and here I could let my enthusiasm run away with me.  We all need books that remind us of the triumph that is ours in Christ and here is a book that helps us root that triumph in reality and not in mere triumphalism.  As the author leads us on a personal journey, we encounter a whole welter of information and practical counsel.  When issues that he guides you to seem to be particularly relevant in your circumstances, do take the time to use the ‘food for reflection’, ‘prayer features’ and ‘action points’ at the end of each chapter to ensure that what you have read is well applied.  It is this practical approach that excites me. Everyone will find something in this book that will cause them to stand firmer – feet shod, helmet set, belt tightened, breastplate secured, shield held high, sword at the ready – well-equipped to overcome all the onslaughts of the Enemy.

Pedro, thank you for taking the time to write this book; there will be very many whose lives are changed through your clearly-presented insights.  Reader, I am confident that you will be among that number.

Dr Hugh Osgood

Founder and President, Churches in Communities International

Co-chair, UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders’ Conference

London, 2011


In Crushing the Devil, readers will capture the essence of how to overcome challenges designed to delay and abort purpose.  If you’ve ever desired to win in your warfare, this book is for you! When you read it, you will receive new revelations and your life will never be the same!

Revd Maxine Johnson, author of Destined To Overcome Anything


With poignant skill and carefulness, Pastor Okoro writes that nobody ought to live and die in ignorance or poverty amidst the vast supply of God’s resources. God does not cherry-pick believers to determine what benefits of the kingdom they are entitled to.…

Very cautiously, [Okoro] takes on the freewheeling intellectual in constant search for alternative explanation to the Creation story as put forth in Scriptures. Without throwing a punch—or does he throw one with kids gloves?—he explains that this warfare is not contemporary war and cannot be fought or won with assault rifles, machine guns, stealth bombers and grenade launchers, but requires a clear understanding of scriptures and the insistent enforcement of your God-given right as a believer.

The post-modern man opines that you should not “sweat the small stuff.” Pastor Okoro says, not so. You should “seek guidance from God through the Holy Spirit for each and every battle we face in life. To do otherwise is to walk into one of the many traps, snares and ambushes of the Enemy.” This can make the difference between death and life. Neither Joshua nor Gideon could secure any conquest without paying attention to details. Sweat the small stuff, Pedro says. It is warfare and not diplomacy.

This will find great use in those communities and nations where not everyone has more than a middle school level of education.… Both laity and clergy will find it invaluable in the ministry and in daily life. Bible scholars and those who glean knowledge from their lessons and opinions will gain great insights from Pedro’s exhaustive study and exposé of the strategies of the devil. This book will help you to understand the forces of darkness and the elements of the underworld.

C.S. Lewis once said, “The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” Pastor Okoro seems to have done so a lot faster by giving this book to the Body of Christ. It is a classic which will rank very highly in the literary and Christian world. I recommend it to every believer and hope that it will bless you as it has me.




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